Rihanna: The First Black Face of Dior!!!


The Iconic French Fashion house Dior recently named  Rihanna as the new face of Dior Rihanna making history to become the first black woman to be the face of Dior
The other Dior Celebrity Face are Jennifer Lawrence, Charilze Theron, Natalie Portman Marion Cotillard, they are all while beautiful ladies.

It as been reported that the French Fashion Icon, were in search of the new face, and they have been speculation that they could use the Cinderella Artist Lily James, Little do we know they have other plans, Dior Surprisingly signed the Music Superstar.
The Barbados-born Super star, is not new to Fashion shows, from New York Fashion Shows to Paris Fashion Shows, Rihanna will be staring for Dior installment of their Secret Garden Campaign, The fourth Installment actually, its a series that wil feature some models posing in the palace of Versailles, Clad in Dior Production.Steven Klein a photographer will be in charger of the photo shots, with the film and print version are all scheduled to take place in Spring.


2-Love Birds, Miley Cyrus & Patrick Schwarzenegger


Miley Cyrus  and Patrick Schwarzenegger are madly in love, and they have always talk about their relationship in front of their friends that they possibly will get married some day soon.

The two love birds have been caught on camera together, and they barely go a day without each other, and they also hang out with friends. Just as expected our sources says that Miley and Patrick relationship is intense.
Miley Cyrus as also reportedly been going out of her way to impress Patrick’s mother, Maria Shiver, which include being careful with what she wears when shes around her.

Our source also said they are both in love and no one is pushing the over, Miley and Patrick lately been parting hard and their friends had thought it was just a hook up but lil do they know they are both deeply in love with each other.


Mariah Carey Has Officially Sign With Epic Records!!


Mariah Carey has returned to Sony and reunites with Antonio “L.A.” Reid at the Epic Record label.

Jan 30, it was reported that Mariah was in talk with Antonio L.A Reid for a multi album deal, that is expected to start with a great hit set to coincide with her up coming residency at The Colosseum in Las Vegas.

The concert series booked by Creative Artists Agency begins May 6 and will include all 18 of Mariah’s Billboard Hot 100 chart-toppers, from 1990’s “Vision of Love” to 2008’s “Touch My Body.” Likewise, her forthcoming album for Epic is expected to feature updates and possibly duets of her classic songs.

Mariah Carey left Sony15-years-ago on Tumultuous terms, It obvious why she is reuniting with Sony and it makes a lot of sense. The Current CEO of the Sony music is Doug Morris who brought Mariah to Island Def Jam in 2003 at that moment he was in charge of Universal Music Group. The collaboration of Mariah in the on going six-times platinum mimi, is now executive up A&R, Confirmed, at Epic Records.

The information we gathering now is that Mariah Carey is presently recording new music in Los Angeles, even though the release date is not known.

Madonna Talks About Her Rape Assault When She Was 19

Madonna was sexually assaulted when she first moved to New York city when she was 19.
On Thursday Madonna talked about the sexally assault to Howard Stern and why she never reported it to the police, She spoke about the rape incident, and she wrote an essay for Harper’s Bazaar about the assalt.

Madonna said She was going to dance class, and on reaching there the door was locked, and she need to make a phone call, at that point she had no money for the phone, Then she met a man who seem to be a friendly guy, and He offered to help her, “He said, ‘Well, I just live right across the street; do you want to make a phone call from my house?'”

Madonna trusted everybody, being a person from Michigan, despite been robbed many times in her apartment. She had a “crazy” first year in New york.

The friendly guy took her to his apartment and he sexually assaulted her at knifepoint, Madonna couldnt report the incident to the police cos she was told that if she wanted to press charges she need to have a physical examination, and she needed to go before the court, and personal questions will be asked, she felt it would be humiliating going to the police, that was why she withdrew from pressing charges.

Drake Donates $7500 and a Recording studio to a Troubled High School in Philadelphia

Drake (2)

A City high school in Philadelphia had just received a donation made by the Grammy winning rapper DrakeDrake donated a recording studio to the high school with the sum of $75,000 to build a space at Strawberry Mansion High school.

The High school as been facing some challenges lately and the 28-years old Rapper who is a native of Toronto, Has shared his views about the troubled school and was really touchedd by news affecting the Philadelphia student

Linda Cliatt-Wayman who is the Principal of the School as said the Studio has not been put to use yet, Despite the fact that the studio was ready last summer, and they also had issues with a music instructors, they had no one to teach the student due to the violence in the school.

The principal has also said she was hope the Studio would be ready to be used in September cos the student are dying to use the studio, Its over 2year Since Wayman came to the school as the Principal and were also told that Campus assault as really dropped to the minimum

Drake came to the school during a concert tour sometime in October 2013, that was where he suprised them with the donation.

Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I to Pay Marvin Gaye’s Family Over $7 Million in “Blurred Lines” Trial.

The Court as order Robin ThickePharrellT.I to pay Marvin Gaye’s Family more than $7 Million after the Court reach a Verdict in ‘Blurred Lines’ Trial.

The Family was represent by Frankie and Nona Gaye, They filled a lawsuit against the 3 singer’s claiming the songs “Blurred Lines” was so similar to their Daddy’s Song “Got to Give It Up” Up” in 1977, Marvin Gaye’s family won their claim when the Jury had order the Trio to pay the family $7.4Million.

Frankie and Nona Gaye have originally asked the Count for the sum of $25 Million for damages, but at the end the Jury have order Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I to Pay over $7Million.

Listen to the songs and give your option:

Marvin Gaye “Got To Give It Up”

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell